Welcome to the new and recently opened Pacific Lighthouse. Located at the outskirts and quietly huddled away in the Marina, Pacific Lighthouse is the perfect restaurant to bring family and friends for a quiet and breathtaking lunch or dinner. Enjoy authenthic and top of the line dimsum, dinner, and tea of all varieties bundled with superior customer service and a mangificent view of the Marina Harbor. Let us be your number location for all your parties, banquets, and other services.

Pacific Lighthouse in Alameda has an array of services that we offer to our guests. We have an open bar where guests can sit and enjoy after meal with cable t.v set on local news and sports channels. In addition, we have a set of VIP rooms situated in our second floor, where we offer privacy or (if you're looking for a little fun) a full kareoke system side by side with 40 inch plasma hdtv's. If you need more space for your family & friends, we have an isolated "hall" on the first floor which will definitely be able to host to our occasion.


Business Address

1051 Pacific Marina
Alameda CA, 94501

Contact information

Direct line: (510) 263-9232
Email: Andcliu@gmail.com

For more information regarding reservations and events,
please ask to speak with Eric or Henry.

Hours of operation

Sunday to Thursday
Morning: 10:00AM - 3:00PM
Dinner: 5:00PM - 9:30PM

Friday to Saturday
Morning: 10:00AM - 3:00PM
Dinner: 5:00PM - 10:00PM

We're open on all major holidays.

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